Guide to Nurse Practitioner Conferences (2024)

As the world continues to contend with the impact of Covid-19, conferences that offer healthcare professionals the capacity to grow their skills, knowledge, and practice have adapted to fit our post-pandemic reality. In 2020 and 2021, many long-standing NP conferences switched to virtual formats to deliver the CE, networking, and advocacy conversations that are the lifeblood of conferences.

In 2024, NP conferences are being planned in various formats. Some NP conferences are keeping the virtual format alive, offering participants the flexibility to expand their NP skills and knowledge through virtual sessions that can be experienced either live or on demand. Other NP conferences are being organized in person, now that the restrictions of the pandemic have been lifted, and conferences will be able to run at large event centers without the online components. Many NP conference organizers have come to see the value of virtual conferences, and have chosen to create conferences that are happening in-person and virtually.

Regardless of the format, conferences can be an essential part of an NP’s year based on their offer. Many NP conferences work to expand the recognition of the importance of the NP role in healthcare, connect NPs to one another to create advocacy and business partnerships, and provide NPs with the continuing education needed to maintain active board certification. Specialty NP conferences also provide NPs working with specific populations information on cutting-edge technologies and treatment modalities, as well as specialty-specific insight and networking.

The following is a list of conferences being offered in 2024 that nurse practitioners may find useful to help them with continuing education, networking, and advocacy opportunities.

General Nurse Practitioner Conferences

AANP Health Policy Conference

The AANP Health Policy Conference is for NPs and NP advocates who wish to develop the skills and understanding needed for federal-level advocacy. At this conference, experts in NP advocacy discuss how congressional and federal administration priorities can potentially impact NP’s, the healthcare system, and patient care.

The conference provides opportunities for NPs to form coalitions with NPs from their region, and have face-to-face conversations with their elected officials. The 2024 conference proceedings will include topics such as the effect of chronic health conditions on the health care system; the APRN compact; nurse practitioners and the nursing workforce; AANP government affairs; Medicare and Medicaid services; and impacting change from within.

  • Date: January 28–30, 2024
  • Location: Washington, District of Columbia
  • Cost: AANP NP, associate, career starter, licensed NP student or retired member ($675); AANP student member ($280); Non-AANP member ($900)
  • CE Opportunities: Approximately 16.5 contact hours of continuing education (CE) 

AANP National Conference

The AANP national conference is designed for NPs of all specialties looking to improve their practice, participate in policy conversations, increase cultural competency, and network. With hundreds of sessions and workshops available, the 2022 edition of this large-scale conference enabled NPs of all specialties to earn up to 38 contact hours of continuing education (CE) and pharmacology credit. Details about CE opportunities for the 2024 conference will be available in mid-January 2024.

Opportunities at the AANP national conference include educational sessions that bring industries together, the chance to join a specialty-developing practice group, NP student networking events, and an exhibition hall featuring employers, poster presentations, vendors, product showcases, and AANP-specific goods and services. The AANP conference also offers for-pay workshops and seminars that train NPs in specific skills.

  • Date: June 25-30, 2024
  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Cost: Registration will open mid-January 2024
  • CE Opportunities: Not yet available as of October 2023

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Conferences

American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners National Conference: EmergNP

The 2024 American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners (AAENP) National Conference invites emergency NP professionals and other emergency medicine thought leaders to exchange ideas and impact the quality of education for nurse practitioners.

NPs have a wide range of topics to engage with, including acute care, pharmacology, urgent care, wilderness medicine, procedural competency, trauma, maintaining health & wellness, political advocacy, and pediatrics, among many other such topics.

  • Date: March 15-17, 2024
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Cost: Details about registration will be available in early November 2023
  • CE Opportunities: Not yet available

Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Conferences

GAPNA 2024 Annual Conference

The Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA) offers a conference to aid NPs working with older adults to improve their practice. In addition to education and networking opportunities, GAPNA confers awards to AGNPs displaying excellence in clinical practice, community service, education, leadership, and research.

Topics include elder abuse, reducing non-urgent emergency department visits of homeless veterans through adherence to a nurse-practitioner-led comprehensive plan of care, animal-assisted therapy, engaging African American families in end-of-life discussions, and the feasibility of telehealth programs during hospital-to-home transition for caregivers of persons living with dementia.

  • Date: September 12-14, 2024
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Cost: Registration rates are not yet available as of October 2023
  • CE Opportunities: Not yet available

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Conferences

NANN 40th Annual Conference

The National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) offers an annual conference that provides state-of-the-art, evidence-based approaches that challenge novice and expert neonatal nurses to improve their nursing practices.

For 2024, NANN is soliciting presentations and poster topics that cover a range of neonatal priorities including nutritional requirements of the newborn, adaptation to extrauterine life, endocrine and metabolic issues, fluid and electrolyte management, radiologic interpretation, cue-based feeding, breastfeeding support, and donor milk program issues.

General priorities that will be covered at the conference include resuscitation and stabilization, nursing shortage, patient and family experience, transformational leadership, medication safety, maternal or neonatal collaboration, patient safety or risk reduction and quality care, and difficult-to-manage clinical issues, among many other such topics.

  • Date: September 18-20, 2024
  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Cost (in 2022): Registration rates are not yet available as of October 2023
  • CE Opportunities (in 2022): 46 to 55 hours

Nurse Midwife Conferences

GOLD Midwifery Online Conference

The GOLD online conference is designed to help Nurse-Midwives expand the knowledge and skills that mediate improved outcomes for the families they serve. The conference happens over the course of almost three months and provides attendees with the opportunities to learn and discuss topics with other nurse midwives in real time or learn at their own pace by accessing recorded proceedings on demand.

Topics offered include acupressure for pregnancy and birth; childbirth-choice facilitation for a positive birth experience; caring for clients with disabilities in the perinatal period; midwifery-led fertility care: a family-centered approach; prenatal environmental exposures: what midwives need to know; respectful pelvic exams from a trauma-informed lens; the neurophysiology of physiological birth; and the midwife’s role in core and pelvic floor health during the perinatal period. 

In addition to the included topics, 2024 conference-goers could choose from add-on lectures such as the advancing the art of breech birth lecture pack, clinical tools for the changing landscape of newborn care lecture pack, birth & beyond lecture pack, and the level-up your lactation skills lecture pack.

  • Date: February 5 – May 3, 2024
  • Location: Online
  • Cost: Registration rates are not yet available as of October 2023
  • CE Opportunities: 15.5 contact hours

International Conference on Nurse Midwife, Midwifery Care and, Women Healthcare

The International Conference on Nurse Midwife, Midwifery Care and, Women Healthcare (ICNMMCWH-2024) is a two-day conference that aims at bringing together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars for exchanging and sharing their experiences and research results on all aspects of midwifery care, women healthcare, and nurse-midwife. 

This conference also offers a leading platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to discuss and present recent concerns, trends, and innovations as well as the practical challenges that one faces and the solutions that should be adopted in the fields of midwifery care, women healthcare, and nurse-midwife.

The conference also invites vendors to exhibit their products or become sponsors. Researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts, papers, and e-posters around the conference’s theme.

Submission topics include women’s health, evidence-based practice in nursing, midwifery, certified nursing assistant, midwifery online nursing, midwifery pediatrics, midwife services in breastfeeding, midwives in maternal care, and license practice nursing (LPN), among many more such topics.

  • Date: Bali, Indonesia (January 11-12, 2024); Lisbon, Portugal (February 05-06, 2024); Singapore (March 25-26, 2024)
  • Location: Bali, Indonesia, Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon, Singapore
  • Cost: Non-student oral or poster presenter registration (early – €450; normal – €500); student oral or poster presenter registration (early – €350; normal – €400); listener registration (early – €250; normal – €300); additional paper publication (€100)
  • CE Opportunities: N/A

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Conferences

NAPNAP 45th Annual National Conference on Pediatric Health Care

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) invites all FNPs, PNPs, and other pediatric providers to its 45th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care. This conference offers more than 60 unique workshops, sessions, and poster presentations developed by acute, pediatric primary, and specialty care experts. Whether attendees are just starting their NP careers or have been practicing it for a while, they will find educational opportunities for strengthening their knowledge and enhancing their careers. A virtual conference attendance option is available.

In addition to the core offerings, attendees can sign up for intensive workshops at an additional fee. Intensive topics include pharmacology updates; child/adolescent mental health skills; interpretation of pediatric chest and abdominal radiographs; precepting APRNs: tools for successful clinical education experiences; stop child trafficking in your community: become an ACT advocate; emerging excellence: transitioning to the new APRN role; applying QI skills to drive outcomes; and primary care skills lab. Eight intensive workshops and three certification review courses will be offered during this conference.

For a discount on registration fees, attendees should register by January 31, 2024.

  • Date: March 13–16, 2024
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
  • Cost: NAPNAP member (early – $540; late – $580; onsite – $600); NAPNAP essentials member and non-member (early – $715; late – $755; onsite – $775); member, career starter or student status (early – $290; late – $330; onsite – $350); member, retiree (early – $440; late – $480; onsite – $500)
  • CE Opportunities: 40+ contact hours

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Conferences

National Nurse Practitioner Symposium

The National Nurse Practitioner Symposium (NNPS) provides NPs in primary and acute care opportunities to learn more about clinical practice, professional development, research, and innovations in practice settings. Dan Weberg, PhD, MHI, BSN, RN, the symposium’s keynote speaker, will discuss the topic: “Building the Future of Nursing: Disrupting Our Own Future”.

Examples from the wide range of educational topics included in the conference include Allergies, palliative care, self-care, technology, trauma, contraception, imaging, infectious disease, and mental health. In addition to the core conference proceedings, the symposium offers a two-day 9.5-CE Rocky Mountain Self-Care Retreat focused on helping NPs to cultivate wellness in their practice, and a four-CE comprehensive headache education seminar.

  • Date: Core conference (July 18-21, 2024); Rocky Mountain Self-Care Retreat (July 17-18, 2024)
  • Location: Keystone, Colorado
  • Cost: Registration rates are not yet available as of October 2023
  • CE Opportunities: 41.50 contact hours

32nd Annual Primary Care Summer Conference

The Continuing Education Company offers the Primary Care Conference practical and useful information designed to help primary care providers stay up-to-date in rapidly changing therapeutic areas. Program objectives include improving provider capacity for assessment, accurate diagnosis, optimal care, common therapeutic issues management, comprehensive evidence-based interventions and treatment strategies, and improved long-term outcomes.

Topics include diabesity; hyperkalemia; the diagnostic approach to acute kidney injury; vertebral compression fractures; orthopedics in primary care; clinical pearls in evaluating and treating hypertension; abdominal pain in primary care; diagnosis of migraine; clinical findings and approach to management in Alzheimer’s disease; and primary care management of diabetes complications.

Those who cannot travel physically to the conference can attend workshops live for the same CE credit or may watch the session asynchronously for 30 days following the conference.

  • Date: Session I (June 24-28, 2024); Session II (July 1-5, 2024)
  • Location: Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
  • Cost: In-person ($765); Virtual Livestream webcast ($599)
  • CE Opportunities: 20 to 35 credits

14th Annual Essentials in Primary Care Summer Conference

Also offered by the Continuing Education Company, the essentials in the primary care summer conference are similar in scope and purpose to the 31st annual summer conference listed above. Sessions offered in 2022 for this conference include diabetes medications; a case-based approach to abnormal LFTs; menopause hormone therapy; crystalline arthropathies; secondary causes of hypertension; heart failure with preserved ejection fraction; and pharmacology.

Those who cannot travel physically to the conference can attend workshops live for the same CE credit or may watch the session asynchronously for 30 days following the conference.

  • Date: July 10-14, 2023
  • Location: Hammock Beach Resort, Palm Coast, Florida
  • Cost: In-person ($765); Virtual Livestream webcast ($599)
  • CE Opportunities: 20 to 35 credits

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Conferences

ISPN 2024 Annual Conference

The theme for the International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses (ISPN) 2024 Annual Conference is “Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses Joining Together for Critical Need: Addressing Diversity, Those Affected by War, Violence, and Health Inequities Across Populations.” In addition to keynote speakers and educational opportunities, the ISPN conference awards Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP) with outstanding contributions to clinical practice, diversity and equity, education, research, leadership, lectureship, and psychiatric mental health advocacy.

Keeping in mind the circumstances of the last three years, this conference includes submissions on topics related, but not exclusively, to the treatment of diverse groups, victims of war, violence, and vulnerable populations. In addition to didactic lectures, this conference also features circles of connections – topics that bring NPs together to discuss topics like fear and hope, and practice skills like deep listening.

The early-bird registration date was not yet available as of October 2023.

  • Date: April 3-6, 2024
  • Location: Providence, Rhode Island
  • Cost, Full Conference Registration: Member (early – $545 and late – $595); non-member (early – $695 and late – $745); joining ISPN with the conference (early – $670 and late – $720); student (early – $250 and late – $300)
  • Cost, One-Day Registration: Member (early – $350 and late – $400); non-member (early – $400 and late – $450); student (early – $100 and late – $125)
  • CE Opportunities (in 2022): 37.5 contact hours

APNA 38th Annual Conference

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association 38th Annual Conference offers more than 100 sessions, boasts attendance of more than 1,500 RNs and APRNs, and, through the recording of sessions, opens PMHNPs to 90+ CE contact hours after the conference closes.

This premier event is ideal for psychiatric-mental health nursing, but all professionals who are passionate about providing care to the psychiatric-mental health population are welcome. Members of APNA receive additional savings on their registrations.

Previous conferences have included topics such as reproductive grief care, providing psychiatric services to asylees and refugees who are survivors of torture, successful partnerships for youth suicide prevention, and ketamine/esketamine as treatment options.

  • Date: October 4-7, 2024
  • Location: Lake Buena Vista, Florida
  • Cost: Registration rates are not yet available as of October 2023
  • CE Opportunities: 115+ contact hours
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